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Current Interests
  • Modern heuristics, especially nature-inspired algorithms, for combinatorial optimization
  • Cake-cutting, fair division, dispute resolution, auctions and voting systems
  • Blockchain technologies and applications
Recent Projects
  • Identity Mapping Project- "An application assessing online media users' expressions of identity across various digital platforms, sites, and immersive environments." -- A. Forney
  • Recourse- "A set of teaching methods that integrates elements of open source development (and good software engineering in general) into the undergraduate computer science curriculum." -- J. D.-N. Dionisio
  • ACM- Association for Computing Machinery
  • SIGACT- Special Interest Group/Algorithms and Computation Theory
  • GitHub
Marymount Institute Jazz Trio
  • Images
    • Rehearsing at the Institute, Michael Berg(g), Sean McEvoy(b), Philip Dorin(p)
    • Working out for An Evening of Poetry with Gail Wronsky and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka
    • New member Rachel Rivera(fl), at a reception for retiring Professor Wilkie Au
  • Recent gigs
    • Reception following An Evening with Actor Ron Rifkin
    • Dedication of figurative sculpture by Artist-in-Residence Will Pupa
    • Reception following readings from Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here by Karima Bennoune
    • Reception for the launch of One Sunday in Mississippi by Linda Bannister and James E. Hurd